Ways to Make a Destination Wedding Affordable

The expenses of a destination wedding are higher due to travel costs, accommodations, any sightseeing activities, and meals. Couples end up paying more money for a smaller wedding than they would have had back home. A wedding in Hawaii, for example, will not have as many guests as one back home in Ohio because many people invited will not be able to afford to attend.

There are ways to make a Hawaii wedding affordable for the bride and groom, as well as a few guests. The first way to plan a wedding before or after peak wedding season. places to get married in hawaii of December through the middle of April is peak season for tourism and Hawaii beach weddings. Pricing for everything will be at the highest rates of the year.

Select hawaii beach wedding packages as the Venue

Most resorts have wedding planners on staff to help couples plan the entire day. That automatically saves money on a private planner. Resorts are set up to serve as the venue for both the wedding ceremony and the reception. The cost of limousine transportation for the wedding party and guests is eliminated.

Booking all the accommodations at that same resort results in group rates for guests. There are even some Hawaii wedding packages offered by resorts that include the bridal suite at no cost to the couple if everyone involved books rooms at the resort.

The resort will also have a full kitchen for catering purposes. Food is fresh, hot, and comes with no delivery or travel costs. A wide range of options allows couples to control those costs while still providing food. Desserts and wine are a typical option for evening weddings. The occasion is special and classy without the cost of a formal sit down dinner.

Request Money in Lieu of Gifts

It is easier and cheaper for friends and family to send cash instead of a gift. They do not have to go shopping, pay for shipping costs, or save the receipt in case of duplication. Requesting money will help offset the costs of the wedding and save time and money for guests. The situation is win-win and very few people view the request as tacky.

Start a Separate Account

After becoming engaged, open a joint account for the purpose of saving for the wedding. Give yourselves a year or two to save money rather than go into debt to pay for a wedding. A separate account will help with impulsive tendencies. Agree to make deposits at regular intervals, but take no money out until it is time to pay for the wedding.

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